Lytec MD Demo & Tutorial of EMR System

Lytec MD 2010 EMR Demo. Lytec’s Electronic Medical Record- LytecMD. Combine the medical billing software with Practice Partner and you have a powerful EMR System- Lytec MD. AZCOMP Technologies is a McKesson diamond partner that provides- hardware, software, training, and support.

Video Transcript
Medical care associates uses Lytec MD, the complete electronic health record and practice management solution to increase productivity and enhance clinical performance. Earlier this morning, doctor Roberts quickly review the Lytec MD dashboard.
This brief preview gives him better control over his day and clearer insight into his business information as well organized on one screen and logically presented in to do lists, schedules, documents, and lab results for review along with messages and overdue orders, improving workflow and saving time.
Doctor Robert opens the review bin to see previously ordered lab test and notes that Cynthia Bain, his first patient of the day has abnormally high cholesterol results. With the Lytec MD electronic health record it is significantly easier to consolidate all clinical information such as lab results which are generated from outside the office.

Lytec MD has established hundreds of inbound and outbound interfaces with labs, radiology and other vendors. From the review bin, Doctor Roberts open Cynthia’s chart and has quickly reminded that she has type 2 Diabetes. Before Cynthia’s exam the nurse opens the chart, a health maintenance reminder automatically appears on the display to let her know that Cynthia needs a mammogram. In addition, she quickly seize all the information she needs to collect, she then records Cynthia’s vitals.

Doctor Roberts no longer has to wait for the chart to access Cynthia’s information, he simultaneously visit and quickly checks Cynthia’s cholesterol. when the nurse is done he is ready to see the patient with Bright Note Technology, the dynamic processing technology and Lytec MD, Doctor Robert is able to use his preferred charting style to capture the entire patient encounter in a single note by matching the physicians preferred charting Bright Note Technology lets doctor Robert entered data by using customized templates, the keyboard, dictation or by hand written notes to transcriptionists or using advanced speech recognition software.

Lytec MD offers hundreds of progress note templates and quick text macros which are hyperlinks they can expand to commonly used clinical phrases, specialty template libraries include cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics, urology, OBGYN and many more. In the exam room Cynthia tells doctors Roberts that she is controlling her diet and exercising regularly.

The innovative Bright Note Technology uses intuitive dot codes that lead actor Roberts synchronize Cynthia’s entire chart including the problem lists, vital signs allergies and medication list from his single screen note. With one-touch the information is instantly synchronized across the entire patient chart because Cynthia is a type 2 diabetic, Lytec MD automatically presents doctor Roberts with Cynthia’s latest hemoglobin A1C and cholesterol results as he documents the chart this reminds him to review these items with the patient. Doctor Roberts electronically prescribes a medication to help reduce her high LDL cholesterol level. with Lytec MD’s built in drug to drug, food, allergy, drug dosage and drug to diagnosis checking he is confident that the medication lovastatin will be safe for Cynthia based on her age and conditions.

An optional drug dose adviser also offers dosage advice based on the indication, patient age, weight and renal function at the same time formulary checking verifies that the medication will comply with Cynthia’s insurance requirements.

Once the prescription is completed, it is transmitted electronically to Cynthia Bain’s pharmacy. as he performs the exam doctor Robert recommend Cynthia get a mammogram using the order entry module he quickly submit in order to a staff person for processing. Electronic order entry helps providers track order status and closes the loop to ensure orders are carried out.

Once Doctor Roberts documents the patient visit, the automated E&M coding wizard analyzes the note and provides recommendations for the most appropriate code. The wizard allows clinicians to use the 1995 or 1997 guidelines and can suggest which guideline supplies the best code for each note. Doctor Roberts’ office uses Lytec MD software so clinical and billing information is automatically shared through the use of an electronic encounter form.

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