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In this Tutorial by James from , you will learn how to position your own images in an unordered list.

There are two methods to position images inside an unordered list and we will cover both methods.

CSS bullets are easy to insert most of the time. But if you have custom bullets of unusual sizes, then you may need a bit of help aligning the text to the unordered list bullets. This tutorial covers some of the pitfalls you may encounter with css list bullets and css unordered lists.

Included is a FREE DOWNLOAD with 6 bullets Some of the list bullets are Transparent and work with any color background. Here is the link to the free unordered list bullets :

Whether you are using your own css custom bullet or you download the free css list bullets from my website, you will surely be able to master any problem you come across by following this unordered list bullets tutorial. We will make the html unordered list first and then uss css to position the bullets. we will also cover the default functionality of html list bullets from inside of Dreamweaver CS4.

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