Tutorial on How To Use Facebook Fan Page for Business Pay per Click (PPC) Part 1

http://www.facebook.com/clickcom http://blog.clickcom.com http://www.clickcom.com Welcome to Clikcom.coms continued series on how to use facebook fan pages for your business. This video is Part 1 of two tutorial on how to Create a PPC account or commonly known as a pay per click advertising account inside of Facebook. At the end of the video please subscribe to our channel to watch Part 2.
For those of you that are familiar with Google and Yahoo PPC the Facebook.com ad system is very similar. One major difference is what we call Demographic Hyper Targeting that will be explained in detail.
We will continue the series with how to attract fans!, marketing strategies, tips, set up, applications, business model, and close sales using Facebooks for businesses large and small.

John DiCristo is the presenter of this tutorial on the how to strategy, tips, & social media effectiveness on marketing and advertising on facebook.

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