Dragon age: Origins cheat tutorial PC

the Dragon age: Origins cheat tutorial (how to enable the coslole and use cheats)

HERE IS THE LINK WHERE I LEARNED HOW TO USE THE CHEATS – http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/dragonage/hints.html

Im using windows 7 ,so to to those who have XP,vista or a mac I don’t know if it is the same
SONG : Plain White T’s - “Take Me Away”
If it doesn’t work , cheak everything again slowly ,I am not responcible if the game stops responding

runscript addxp X – Adds XP in the amount of X
runscript zz_money X – Adds copper in the amount of X (1000 = 1 Gold Piece)
runscript pc_immortal – Infinite health (will not drop below 0 , but your party will )
runscript ai off – Turns off AI
runscript ai on – Turns on AI
runscript killallhostiles – Kill all enemies
runscript healplayer – Heal party
runscript zz_dropparty – Removes entire party
runscript removetalent X – Removes a talent
(if you want even more cheats go to the link above.Or just type Dragon age cheats in google )

First make a shortcut for the file daorigins.exe found in C:GamesDragon Agebin_shipdaorigins.exe or wherever you installed the game and got to Shortcut Properties. Under Target, add -enabledeveloperconsole at the end so it looks like this:
“C:GamesDragon Agebin_shipdaorigins.exe” -enabledeveloperconsole [be sure to put a space after the .exe” ]
Now, open the keybindings.ini file found in the game folder (My DocumentsBioWareDragon AgeSettings). Find the line
OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_X” (GRAVE is default, change ` )
Now launch the daorigins.exe Shortcut and when youre in game press pause (SPACEBAR) and then the console key ` .Then press backspace a few times and type the cheat ….
When youre done,press ENTER to confirm or exit
And youre all done 😀
*******QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS**********

Q : Does this work on the cracked version of the game ?
A: Yes , ive done this with a cracked version of the game

Q: My bin_ship folder doesnt have daorigins.exe ,what do i do ???
A: Look carefully,the bin_ship folder must have a daorigins.exe or maybe it just says daorigins not exe …
(Submitted by Marrino460) It can also be that you have it but it not showing exe behind it.If thats so look closer at the color of the sheild in the vid maybe you find it then. On my comp it was only showing daorigins, if you have that file too you can just do the same has in the vid

Q: I did the gold cheat and now i always have -44 coins even if i sell things to compensate for the loss. I’ve tried the cheat again and nothing happens.What do i do ???
A:(submitted by Chazsy123 ) Keep on putting 1000’s of gold coins in your inventory, after about 10 attempts it should give you 12k gold coins

Q:When i press the console key , nothing happens.The map keeps poping out ….
A:Go back,if the game doesnt stop your commands then you did something wrong.Check the keybindings.ini for the console key.Create another shorcut if you have to.Do it all again,change the console key,even i didnt get it when i tried it the first time.When you press the console key it should stop all your other commands,like map,charapter…so you could type.

Q:When i press my console key (and the game stops my commands)when i start typing the cheat runscript pc_immortal , nothing happens???
A:Okey,if the game stops your commands,then the console key works.If the cheat wont work ,first before you start typing press backspace a few times (to delete symbols) and type the cheat slowly with spaces ,try every cheat….
Most problems in these cases are the backspaces.Sometimes when you press the console key some weird simbols will pop out,delete them and start typing.In my case i didnt see anything weird,i pressed backspace and started typing and it worked….
P.S.When youre done tyiping press ENTER to confirm or to just exit ….

Q:Do you have to put a space after typing runscript?

Q:Does this work on windos xp or vista ???
A:I did this ONLY with windows 7,i never tried it on vista or xp…so i dont know

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