Trance Tutorial by Imphenzia – "Layers" (Cubase 5)

This is a tutorial of how to achieve a fuller and more dreamy trance sound using multiple layers of instruments of which many are playing the same notes. The tutorial can be applied regardless of which sequencer or instruments you work with – in my case I use Steinberg Cubase 5 with virtual instruments such as reFX Nexus2 (with expansion packs) and reFX VanGuard (with expansion packs) and Cubase’s own drum instrument “Groove Agent ONE”.

The tutorial demonstrats the full sound and then breaks each individual instrument and how they are played. Building blocks are drums, two bass lines, 1 pad, 2 filling leads and 4 primary (melodic) leads.

The source track used for this tutorial is “Imaginary Friend”.

If you find this tutorial useful, please drop a comment and if you have suggestions of what topics to cover for future tutorials please let me know 🙂

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