Indo Original GF Tutorial

This is a follow up on a blog I wrote at on how to use the indo original flo gf.
Indo Board:
The Indo Board Original Flo GF is a must have tool in your home gyms quiver. The inflatable flo cushion is great for training your balance, stability, core, and a very useful tool to improve posture. I have been using the indo original flo gf with my clients for the past year and I think it is such a valuable tool for training in all the planes of motion.

The inflatable cushion can be filled with more or less air to make the board more or less stable respectively. When using the cushion with one foot, you can make the exercise more difficult in different directions by changing the direction your foot faces on the board. By placing your foot lengthwise on the board so your toes and heel are both facing the long ends of the board, you will have a larger range of motion angle laterally or side to side, and less of an angle forward to back. The opposite is true if you move your foot 90 degrees, making forward to backward movement have a larger range of motion angle versus side to side.

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