Stick Figure Tutorial 2 : Basic Fight

(Best watched in full screen!)
Another stick figure tutorial made by me! This time covering a very basic fight scene.

– This tutorial is just ONE of MANY ways of stick animating and this is just how I learned over the years.
– This program is Macromedia Flash 8 (not a free program)
– I used a Wacom Intuos 3 (4×6) tablet
– It’s important to zoom in a lot when you animate (I zoomed in 500% but you could go a little over or under)
– I used the 2nd to largest brush in this video
– There is no PERFECT smoothing setting! It is all a matter of your preference.
– I drew the body and legs first and then went back to add the arms with the “Object Drawing” on. (This is just a matter of preference as well)
– Heads are added last with the circle tool with the “Object drawing” on.
– Music in order: Okami Sountrack – Reset (thank you), Upkeeper, Old Man Orange

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