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This YouTube’s first-ever clearly-explained and filmed demonstration of the Waterfall Braid! My daughter is the one who gave it this name, because she felt it looked like a waterfall over a cliff’s edge.

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This is a quick tutorial on how to create a “Waterfall French Braid” {also called a Cascade Braid or Fairytale Braid}. This hairdo requires a French Braid from the front, side of the head to the back, side of the head. The key to the elegant look is instead of pulling more hair into the bottom strand as is typical of French Braiding… you allow it to fall and instead pick up a new strand from the bottom.

You can do the same to the other side and connect them in the back, or use the Waterfall Braid in various combo styles!

This is an elegant look and very good for moms, teens, and tweens!

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