6 Essential Microsoft Excel Shortcuts to Maximize Your Productivity (Plus a Teaser Tip)

Are you looking for some quick tips to make your workflow in Microsoft Excel more efficient?

There are tons of shortcuts you can use in Excel to improve your workflow. In this video, I’ll show you 6 essential shortcuts to add to your workflow so you can move through your spreadsheet like a hot potato.

Plus, I’ll show you a quick teaser tip on conditional formatting so you can visualize your data in a more aesthetically-pleasing way. (UPDATE – The conditional formatting video is now up here: https://youtu.be/iQPanhvour4)

If you’d like to get a full list of these Excel productivity tips, read the full blog post here: http://bit.ly/1OH52s6

For more videos on Microsoft Excel productivity tips, you can binge-watch the entire playlist here: http://bit.ly/ExcelHowTo

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Michelle formerly worked in upper management with a property developer and property management company in Milwaukee, WI. Michelle and her staff had to learn how to keep things running smoothly without always having the resources to keep up. From this experience, Michelle learned how to increase productivity by using automation and other efficiency-enhancers to help get more done in less time.

Your Virtual Assistant was born out of a desire to help sole proprietors and small businesses reclaim lost time spent on their accounting and bookkeeping tasks. By helping to offload these tedious (but important) business tasks, Michelle supports business owners while they balance their work/life schedule. With the unique blend of productivity and bookkeeping/accounting expertise, Michelle takes on time-consuming business tasks and completes them faster while preserving meticulous details.

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