Back 2 School/Beach/Gym Makeup Tutorial

I get asked A LOT for makeup that is wearable for back to school, the gym, and the beach. So I thought I would take care of all three at once!
This is as simple and easy as it gets.

Artist: Fakebeat
Song: Jellyfish

Another great back to school video:

if you haven’t guessed by now.. this is what I think when it comes to makeup for..

school: you should worry about your school work first, & play with makeup later. taking care of your skin at a young age is WAY more important than slathering on cake icing foundation, & enough liner that a raccoon would be jealous. besides you can always apply it AFTER school when you don’t have to do it according to their rules.

the gym: witness the fitness, that’s why you’re at the gym. the gym =/= makeup counter.

the beach: soak up some sun, & go in the water without having to worry if your face is melting off or not. instead worry if your SPF is melting off or not.

Feel comfortable in your own skin! Take care of it, & drink lots of water. If your skin is already whipped into shape, you wont have to worry about makeup.

Makeup is an accessory just like your favorite piece of jewelry. The world will not end if you’re not wearing it.


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