Muscle Up Tutorial – Beginner’s Method

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But before you do any strenuous exercise, STRETCH!

Rotate your arms, stretch out your rhomboids, and do a few regular pullups before you start your muscle up training.

First, stand about a foot behind the actually pullup bar.

Jump JUST enough so that the palms of your hands can grab the bar. Your body should naturally swing forward just a bit.

DO NOT jump too much like this.

After you swing forward, your body will automatically swing backward.

This is when you pull yourself upward like this.

When you pull yourself upward while your body is moving backward, explode upward, bring your chest FORWARD so that you’re body is in a DIP position, and

then use your triceps like in a dip to push yourself up.

If you want to continue doing muscle ups after your first one, simply bring yourself down so that your body is in an angle, giving yourself enough momentum to swing backward and then upward into the dip position.

I bent my legs in this video for assist. I just got back from the gym (biceps triceps and legs -__-) so I was pretty beat.


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