NLP Coaching Gym – Personal Development Coaching via Skype with Vic part 2
Michael J. Emery, M.A.,C.Ht., M.NLP – Personal Development Coach & Trainer is opening his NLP Coaching Gym to the public. The focus of this NLP Coaching Gym is to quickly and effectively anchor a new response to an old situation. For example, a salesperson might experience anxiety when s/he looks at the phone and thinks about contacting a sales prospect. This unconscious reaction moves this person away from what they want (ultimately to close a deal and get paid; keeping his/her job). How would this person respond differently if every time s/he looked at the phone s/he experienced a tremendous surge of optimism, flexibility, confidence and clarity… This would be moving toward the desired outcome – by design.

The same thing happens in relationships – people become anchored to another person’s body language, tone of voice, and routine actions – usually causing experiences that disrupts the harmony of the relationship. This can be changed by reframing and anchoring new emotional states and mindsets into this experience.

And of course there is health… If someone has felt under-motivated to routinely workout or eat healthily, there is likely a cycle of reward and punishment that this person is unconsciously enduring. Stop the cycle by creating new anchors to the states and mindsets needed in order to feel motivated to workout and enjoy eating nutritious foods.

What you desire to experience is largely dictated by your emotions. When you feel good about something you move toward it; conversely when you feel bad about something else you try to move away from it. The major challenge I have witnessed in the majority of my clients is that they don’t really have clarity about what they are moving toward – only certainty about what they don’t want, and they are constantly moving away from those experiences and never toward what will be fulfilling and meaningful…

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