Music Hacking for Super Smash Bros. Brawl: A New Video Tutorial

New information has come to light that makes my previous tutorial incorrect, so I’ve made a new one to incorporate the new method.

EDIT — Here’s a new download link for the tool:

Please do not turn off annotations; there are several important things in them.

(The rest of this description is copypasta from the first vid.)

A visual guide to help people better understand my admittedly text-heavy version at KittyCorp and the SCHC.

In this video, I make a stereo song with custom looping, the most complicated type. I think you’ll see that it’s not nearly as difficult or complex as it sounds.

Link to guide (which includes instructions on setting up WinAMP to play brstms as shown in the video):

If you came across this vid some other way and you have no idea what it’s talking about: In addition to various other things, I am an active member of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl texture hacking community. It is possible to extract, edit, and reinsert any character’s costume, allowing limitless customization to your game. It is also possible to convert music into a format usable in Brawl, and this video attempts to teach others how to do it in an easily understandable manner.

For more information and a showcase of the limitless possibilities of Brawl hacking, see and

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