Sample Business Plan Overview and Purchase Tutorial – Tutorial Topics:

Topic 1:
Sample business plans include: Bed and Breakfast, Bookstore, Restaurant, Youth Centre, Rough Collie Kennel, Nightclub, Video Store and Confectionary.

Topic 2:
How to purchase a sample business plan – Tutorial Topics:

Navigating the MS Excel Tabs

About What will be covered in this tutorial:

Navigating the MS Excel Tabs

About the Start Up Costs

Startup Costs and Balance Sheet Relationship

Project Costs and Owners Investment

About the Balance Sheet

Disclose everything do not hide any debt

About the cashflow

About Financial Leading Indicators

About Sales to Debt Ratio

Where to find financial leading indicators

How to edit the Cashflow

How to use Paste Link in MS Excel

The Cashflow and Income Statement relationship

How to generate your income statement

How to forecast income statement Y1 and Y2

Tips on changing the spreadsheets


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